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Validate your R&D efforts, elevate your personal profile and your company’s brand. Think of patents pending as your go-to-market strategy.

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Corporates look to partner with and acquire products that fit into both their own product offerings and patent portfolios.

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Investors love companies that can return multiples on their investment. Increase your valuation and chances of success with patents pending.

Patent Issued vs. Patent Pending

Provisional Patent Submission

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The process of filing provisional patents in the easiest way possible!


Before you file your provisional patent application on the Wizard, use Seventh's state of the art search engine to gauge industry and social trends for your idea or product


Create a free account and login to the Wizard. File one or an unlimited number of provisional patent applications to amass your go-to-market portfolio seamlessly and affordably.


Remember to document as much as possible! Your ROI is proportional to the quality of the application. Once you submit, begin marketing your product as 'Patent Pending'.


You can now share details about your product and technology with corporate partners, at demo day or at a conference without the annoying NDAs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your experience is our priority. We have turned the provisional filing into a breeze. Use our proprietary patent wizard to learn on-the-go and discover your inventive concept. Take advantage of this process, accelerate your go-to-market strategy by accumulating a robust, actionable portfolio of patents pending safely, easily and affordably. These pending patents will elevate your personal profile for hiring and your company’s profile for investment by VCs, and for partnerships and acquisition by Corporates.
No. Your provisional patent application can be completed using our proprietary Wizard without the help of a lawyer. You will save on legal fees and time. We further provide an AI assistant to help you with patent questions. Seventh is also building a network of trusted lawyers to provide additional legal advice and help you obtain a patent.
If you have a prototype or a product, file a provisional patent application so you can begin marketing your product with “patent pending.” Our fully automated process is extremely comprehensive and even allows you to file additional provisionals without any problems. Don’t miss on the opportunity to document every breakthrough, and don’t lose ownership to public disclosure.
It can be as little as an executive summary of your business/technology. Whether you are pitching to investors or about to present at a conference, take a few minutes and file a pdf of your presentation to ensure you can legally assert ownership of your work.
As many as it takes to capture your products and methods. For example, the iPhone is protected by over 200 patents, which means Apple potentially filed 10 times as many provisional patent applications to get their “patents pending.” There should be no reason for you to be disadvantaged because you are at an early stage or are bootstrapping.
Absolutely! If you had optimized an algorithm or built your own from scratch to produce a new result, it is your IP. It does not make any sense not to assert it.
While you get to keep the date of filing, the provisional application never gets examined. It expires in 12 months. It gives you plenty of time to decide whether to pursue a non-provisional patent application if you actually want to get your patent application examined and issued.
A patent is granted by the federal government and gives you the ability to restrict others from making, selling, or using your invention. Once the non-provisional issues as a patent, it will last for 20 years from the date of filing a non-provisional, design patents last for 14 years, and plant patents last for 17 years
Government fees vary. Seventh’s Wizard will help you determine what fees the USPTO will charge you. In short, the filing fees are $70 for a micro entity, $140 for a small entity, and $280 for a everyone else. You will likely fall either under micro or small entity. More information can be found on the USPTO website. Disclaimer: Seventh does not cover gov’t fees.
The naming of inventors is very important for the validity of a patent. You can list multiple inventors, but you may only list those inventors who have actually contributed to the development of the invention. Seventh gives you the option to list all members who were involved with the development of your product and their relative contributions.
If you have all the relevant information, completing Seventh’s Wizard takes less than an hour. After you submit it, it gets sent to the USPTO. It may take up to 10 business days for you to get your application number and then you can begin marketing your products and promotional materials with “patent pending.”

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“Debunking Software Patenting Myths"

There are two main reasons to pursue software patents:

First, they provide better protection for your software. While it is true that copyrights and trade secrets could be relied upon to protect your software invention, copyrights only protect the actual written code and trade secrets only protect against employees or competitors literally stealing assets.




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