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About Us

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What is “Intellectual Property” and how do you protect it? Most founders and entrepreneurs would not even know where to begin. We formed Seventh.ai to democratize access to IP for the “little guy,” because most life-changing discoveries are made by those who have few resources to claim ownership. We have assembled the most impressive team of entrepreneurs with deep expertise in intellectual property, software-as-a-service infrastructure and AI to build our IP platform to empower and help the founders enjoy the benefits of their creativity.


Seventh’s cost-effective platform was designed to simplify and organize all of your IP in one place. We enable you to take the initiative to de-risk the opportunity for investors. Intellectual asset due diligence serves a vital role in assessing an investment target’s overall management competency.


Seventh helps innovators all over the world to create and become more productive. Through our platform, we will empower every single inventor, tech entrepreneur, and startup CEO to provide uninhibited access to the best practices for commercializing the life-changing technology of the future.

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