By Alex Polyansky

Why Smart Corporates Should Partner with Startups Early

Intellectual Property (IP) in all companies is underutilized, but especially in startups. While a......

March 25, 2019


By Alex Polyansky

Barriers to IP Commercialization

Companies in the United States have realized the massive value of Intellectual Property (IP) and ......

March 12, 2019


By Alex Polyansky

A Comparative Analysis of the Patenting Trends in the US and Europe

The United States and Europe have a complicated relationship, falling somewhere in between riva......

Feb. 23, 2019


By Alex Polyansky

A Comparative Analysis of the US and China Patenting Trends

The long-standing battle of supremacy between the US and China has extended its tentacles into co......

Feb. 21, 2019


By Alex Polyansky

An In-depth Look at the Patenting Trends in the US

Since it took the reins in global power at the Second World War, the United States has made a nam......

Feb. 20, 2019

leaning founder

By Alex Polyansky

File Now, Improve Later — The Ultimate Rule to Founders’ Success

A nagging question that every startup founder has to contend with is whether a concept is paten......

Feb. 11, 2019

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By Alex Polyansky

The Business Case For Why Founders Invest in Patent Pending

As a startup founder, you might have come to that fork in the road where you wonder whether to fi......

Feb. 8, 2019

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By Alex Polyansky

Why Non-Tech Corporates Love Tech Founders

Companies in both the tech and non-tech arena are gradually shifting their mindset with regards t......

Feb. 5, 2019


By Alex Polyansky

Shrewd Startups Work the Patent System to Their Advantage

Ideas-To-MarketYou know how important it is to get your product to market before anyone else does......

Oct. 29, 2018


By Alex Polyansky

Dummy Guide for Startups in Patent Infringement

We are founders, and inherently we all share boundless optimism that we will prevail against all ......

Oct. 19, 2018


By Alex Polyansky

Debunking Software Patenting Myths

Why Software Patents?There are two main reasons to pursue software patents:First, they provide be......

Aug. 29, 2018


By Alex Polyansky

A Creative Idea Can Be Born Anywhere

“I file for patent in the US, because I want to monetize my product in the US.” Roman Li. CEO of ......

Aug. 21, 2018


By Alex Polyansky

Inviting All Entrepreneurs and Startups: Quick Guide to Protecting Your Product with a Provisional Patent Application

You’ve always been a dreamer, a thinker, and a creator who adds to the world. Yet, we live in a p......

Aug. 6, 2018

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By Alex Polyansky

Smart Companies Build Smart Partnerships: How To Remain Relevant In The Tech Age

Most companies are struggling to keep up with the innovation cycles perpetuated by a few “winner ......

Aug. 3, 2017


By Alex Polyansky

Applied Innovation: An Impact Driven Disruption

Once upon a time, record labels were able to make money from copywritten songs, and innovation be......

July 26, 2017